....all things are not created equally, Many stagers may claim to declutter, decorate and provide furniture, however, effective home staging to style and showcase a home for the current real estate market delves

deeper than just the basics. I strive to stage homes that evoke emotion and create a connection leaving 

buyers with a positive, memorable 


With nearly 10 years of experience staging over 300 properties, I bring insightful knowledge and under-standing of buyer demographics and trends in the real estate market to each home that I work in.  Every home is custom-staged, yet uniquely styled to appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

Beginning with a two-hour

consultation, which can be summarized with a detailed report, we'll cover interior and exterior 

aesthetics, placement or removal of 

furniture so that rooms flow and make sense as to how they will be used.  Suggestions for lighting and paint will also be discussed. 

Offering a wide range of services from consultations to furniture or accessory rental, I bring an ability to stage and style a home that compliments its best and natural features yet appeals to its most likely buyers.


Interiors Impeccably Styled to Sell .....  

or Dwell