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Barbara Nazzaro

Staging & Styling Interiors

eStaging & eDesign

Certified Color Expert

The service I provide is really simple.  I help real estate agents and homeowners stage, style and prepare show-worthy homes to sell ... or dwell.

Agents offer up the same advice to their clients when it comes to preparing a home for sale; "declutter, clear the counters and remember to keep the toilet lid down".  Buyers today are savvy, knowledgeable and motivated by beautiful home design images they see on tv and the internet while searching for their homes online.  You have one chance to make a first good impression, so not effectively preparing your home so that appeals to buyers, misses the mark. They swipe to the left and move on. 

My experience staging and consulting on more than 300 homes over the past 10 years amounting to nearly $200,000,000 in real estate, has taught me that effectively marketing and staging to this group of sophisticated buyers requires more than just the basics.  My services have helped agents and sellers achieve 

quick and lucrative sales.  Historically, homes that I have staged spent on average about 11 days on the market before receiving an offer ... many over list price!  Some received multiple offers within the first 3 days. The cost of staging is just a faction of a percentage of the list price ... can you really afford not to stage?