You're building a new home,  doing a little redecorating or you're selling and unsure about where to begin....These scenarios can be overwhelming and may cause lots of anxiety.


Endless options exist for finishes from paint to flooring, countertops to roofing shingles and everything in between! The list goes on and on, meanwhile, the clock is ticking and you're feeling uneasy or unable to make any decisions at all.

Continually searching for popular design trends and having a natural eye for what looks good, I will help you narrow down your choices or even make them for you!   The end result will be a space customized to suit your style and budget without all the stress and anxiety.  Having access to trade programs with partners like and Wayfair, means your can simply click, order and ship directly to you!

Get things started with an email and a few photos and the rest is handled your convenience.  

Interiors Impeccably Styled to Sell or Dwell!