eDesign & eStaging:

eDesign & eStaging conveniently and affordably delivers design plans to homeowners or real estate agents who are ready to stage or redesign their interiorsbut just need a little vision and direction.


During a Discovery Call, we'll discuss goals and timing. Next, you'll send photos and rough measurements of your space. I then provide you with the details so you can easily shop from home. You'll get a Custom Color Palette and detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you create a space you'll love or one that easily sells! I'll guide you through completion with Designer Tips and Styling Tricks so you get all the details just right!

All design work is done online. Plans are individualized and curated to reflect your style and that best reflect the architectural nature of your home ... helping you create a space you'll love or a home that sells with beautiful and engaging MLS photos.

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