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Color Consultation:

It's not uncommon to grow tired of the same old look in our homes. Tastes, styles and trends change, leaving us wanting to refresh or update. Today, endless color possibilities exist so the task can seem overwhelming, leaving us paralyzed and unable to make any decisions at all. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone.

Coached by 'True Color Expert', Maria Killam and 'Certified Color Expert' Audra Slinkey, both world renowned masters in the field of color,  I have in-depth understanding and an ability to read undertones. This, coupled with applying the 'Rules of Color' will help you find the most suitable choice for your space preventing costly and frustrating mistakes.


Possessing a keen awareness of contemporary design trends and directions, I am dedicated to balancing timeless and classic with fresh and new ... a juxtaposition of the two. Never boring or predictable, rather a space you will love and enjoy for many years.  Get it right the first time!


After Paint Consultation
...Before Paint Consultation
Dining Room Afer
Dining Room Before
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